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Together, let’s create homes where style and sustainability go hand in hand

Finally, some good news! When we first read it, we got really excited. Here is why.

First of all, it’s always satisfying to thumb your nose at overproduction -- consuming less but better is clearly possible, and is good for the planet. In 2020, CO2 emissions went down by 8% thanks to the enforced curb in consumption and transportation.

Second of all, we’ve always wanted to build an environmentally friendly company and share common goals with our customers. So 8 out of 10 who choose second-hand furniture, it’s 8 out of ten who share our belief that second-hand is the future of decorating.


If a brand starts talking about eco-responsibility, make sure to double check what they actually mean. And to help you do just that with us, let’s start with reminding you of why Selency (and second-hand in general) is genuinely sustainable.

Every year in France, furniture waste totals more than 2 million tons. Not only is it the result of overconsumption but it’s also due to our production model - we produce poor-quality items that are readily disposable. Second-hand is actually part of a different model, a more circular one, based on a simple principle:

80% FEWER CO2 EMISSIONS for the planet: that’s what choosing a second-hand item over a new one means. Why? Because there’s no need to extract/produce new raw materials as they’re given a new lease on life.


yes, transportation is responsible for emissions (that includes our deliveries). This being said, even if you choose to get your second-hand item delivered, the carbon footprint of your purchase will still be well below that of a brand new item. Our promise to you? We’ll keep finding ways to reduce and compensate these emissions to guarantee a neutral carbon footprint.💪


#1 We support our local shops and communities.

Selency supports around 5,000 businesses (antique dealers, second-hand goods dealers and craftspeople) throughout the year by showcasing their shop and giving them access to many potential customers. We’ve also added a search filter to help our customers find hidden gems in their own region (or “département”) and make the most of the local market instead of relying on deliveries.

#2 We practice what we preach

Whether by picking up litter in the forest on our Green Friday, by using the “forfait de mobilité durable” (sustainable commuting rate) subsidised by Selency or by helping out NGOs a few hours a week via the platform Vendredi, our team is committed to learning and helping as well.

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