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It's simple| to sell with Selency

It's {custom}


#1 Take photos.

You'll need a minimum of 2 photos of the item you're selling (one full shot + one detail shot). Next, measure the item's dimensions and move on to step 2.

#2 Post your listing.

Follow the steps on our upload page and post your listing. Our selection team will approve it (within 48 hours), and once they do, your item will go live.

#3 Sold? Time to ship.

Unless your customer has chosen a direct pickup, you'll now have to ship your item to them. We give you the option of using our A-Z pickup and delivery service. Don’t forget to activate it.

#4 Receive your payment.

14 days after you ship (the customer's legal withdrawal period), you'll receive money from your sale via bank transfer.

"OK, I'll do it!"


We're not snobby, but we are selective. 80% of our customers say that our catalogue is the main reason they use Selency. As a result, we pay close attention to the kinds of items we list on the site. We prioritise furniture and decor that is unique, on-trend, designer or not, and above all in line with Selency's brand image.

We avoid

- New items

- Items made by you

- Mass-produced items (Ikea, Fly, etc.)

- Religious objects

- Non-decorative toys

- Leather goods (excluding decorative suitcases)

- Stuffed toys

- Advertising objects

- Appliances

- Plastic items, excluding designer pieces

Got it, I'm ready!
5 great reasons to sell on Selency.

5 great reasons to sell on Selency.

#1 It pays

Why leave your furniture in storage when you could find a buyer for it (and make some €€€ in the process)? It's simple: you create listings for free, and we only take a commission on items you sell.

#2 It's fast and simple.

You create a listing for an item. We approve it. Your product goes live. A client asks about it. You reply. They buy it. 14 days later, you get paid.

#3 It helps you keep your decor fresh.

Updating your decor whenever you want is far more affordable when you sell first (to buy later). Especially when you bear in mind that vintage design never loses value: it's usually resold at the price of purchase.

#4 We handle delivery for you.

Selency has created an A-Z shipping solution that's totally free for you to use. All you need to do is activate it at the moment you upload a new item to the site and we'll take care of the rest.

#5 It's sustainable.

Reselling furniture is a great alternative to buying new, and helps preserve the planet's resources. In France, where we're based, 2 million tonnes of furniture are thrown out each year. It's a terrible waste when you could simply buy secondhand.

Our commission

With us, it's win-win: we only get paid when you do. That is, we only take a commission on items you actually sell—the rest is entirely free. That commission is what we'll use to pay for marketing, site maintenance, customer support, and our team of 50 people.


For professional sellers*

*Except for the handmade category

20% - 25% including taxes

depending on categories*

*Except for the Art and Handmade category at 36% including taxes.


Offer a reasonable price.

And your item will be gone in no time.

Take good photos.

And become a customer magnet.

Give them lots of shipping options.

And open yourself to more customers.

Provide item dimensions.

And avoid making your customers ask.

Package your item with care.

And prevent damage during delivery. Read shipping advice

Be transparent about item flaws.

And save your customer from disappointment.

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5 great reasons to sell on Selency.
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