Brendel Inflorescences Botanical Models

€1,800 €2,400
  • Batch of 4
  • H58 x W25 x D1
  • wood
  • multicolour
Taco J.
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Introducing a masterpiece of botanical accuracy and craftsmanship – the brendel botanical models set. Immerse yourself in the world of inflorescences with these four meticulously crafted models, each representing a distinct form of flowering arrangement. 🌼 dolde or umbel model: experience the elegance of the "dolde" or umbel inflorescence, capturing nature's symmetry in exquisite detail. This model showcases the harmonious arrangement of florets radiating from a central point, providing a captivating snapshot of botanical beauty. 🌾 ähre or spike model: delve into the world of "ähre" or spike inflorescence with our lifelike model. Witness the enchanting upward arrangement of unbranched flowers, a true representation of nature's minimalistic yet captivating design. 🌺 traube or raceme model: the "traube" or raceme inflorescence comes to life in this meticulously designed model. Admire the elongated clusters of flowers, each delicately suspended along the central stem, capturing the essence of nature's elegance. 🍀 rispe or panicle model: our rispe or panicle model exemplifies the artistry of branching inflorescences. With a mesmerizing array of flowers arranged in branching tiers, this model showcases nature's intricate complexity and beauty. Each brendel botanical model is meticulously handcrafted in germany, a testament to the heritage of precision engineering and attention to detail. Whether you're an educator, a nature enthusiast, or a lover of fine craftsmanship, these models are an exquisite addition to your collection. The maximum height of one plant is 58cm X width 25cm. We ship worldwide.


Dimensions :
H58 x W25 x D1
Color :
Material :
Style :
Taco J.
1 sale
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