World globe map by Lebegue 19th Napoleon III

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  • H36 x W20 x D20
  • wood
  • multicolour
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Very nice old terrestrial globe of napoleon III style edited by j. Lebègue et cie, rue de lille in paris, 60 cm in circumference, dating from the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century (after 1863 because romania is already there, after 1882 because leopoldville in the belgian congo appears there, but before 1911 because no mention of mongolia, before 1916 because no mention of poland, before 1914 because st petersburg appears well). The globe is made of cardboard or papier-mâché, the foot in black lacquered wood and the metal parts seem to me to be in bronze with its dark patina today, but originally golden. The original gold color is still found on the non-visible faces of the coins, when the globe is dismantled. It is in good structural condition, still solid, no breakage or tearing, but does not hide its age: stains, marks, colorations, discolorations and abrasions on the globe. On the foot, beetle holes (treated by injection of white vinegar but it may be necessary to repeat the operation for more safety) and missing on the black lacquer. The base of the foot is no longer quite flat, so the globe swings a little. It is perfect in decoration, but given its age and rarity I will be delighted that it is entitled to a beautiful restoration, which it deserves amply. It measures 36 cm in height, the globe is about 20 cm in diameter, the base, slightly oval measures 14.2 by 15.5 cm. It weighs about 850 g.


Dimensions :
H36 x W20 x D20
Color :
Material :
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4.91 ()

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