Poster Picasso, Pierre Reverdy and his friends National Museum of Modern Art Paris 1970

  • H58 x W42
  • paper
  • multicolour

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“we must in fact know, ” says reverdy, “to what extent the minds of painters differ from that of poets and especially from that of writers, in order to understand this strange situation. I am far from complaining about it, because this plastic spirit, simpler, more realistic, harder and clearer, opposing my sentimental darkness, has contributed enormously to unraveling the threads of my inner skein. By means as primitive as those of painters, I was allowed to establish a powerful current between my very insufficient intelligence and my excessive sensitivity. The habit of considering reality with this direct clarity, of marrying its contours exactly and forcefully, without superfluous subjective complications, allowed me to find means of expression capable of establishing a balance between the considerable contribution of sense and certainly too poor flow of the mind. » louis thomas poster in remarkable condition dimensions 58 cm X 42 cm.


Dimensions :
H58 x W42
Color :
Material :
Style :
🇫🇷 Christophe H. Professional
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5 ()

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