Merchant counter in light pine with patinated from 1910s

  • H85 x W143 x D53
  • wood
  • wooden
49 sales

This antique grocery counter, crafted from light pine and dating back to around 1910, exudes charm with its light patina and functional design. Constructed from light pine, a durable and timeless material, this counter showcases the craftsmanship of its era. The shelves and drawers provide ample storage space, making it ideal for displaying goods or organizing essentials. The light patina adds character and tells a story of its long history, making it a unique addition to any space. Whether used in a kitchen, living room, or retail setting, this counter brings a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to its surroundings. Overall, this antique grocery counter is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a beautiful reminder of bygone eras, perfect for adding vintage flair to any interior.

Ref. : HF38JE7K

Dimensions :
H85 x W143 x D53
Color :
Material :
Style :
Steven Johnsen O. Professional
49 sales
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