Raw wood cup and board

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  • H21 x W8 x D8
  • wood
  • wooden
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Pretty bilboquet whose particularity is that it is made of raw wood, it does not have any finish such as varnish or paint and the sanding was done succinctly, with coarse grain. It's quite surprising, because all the cup and ball games I came across were smooth, with a layer of varnish or colored lacquer. 2 hypotheses in my opinion, either this was done on purpose, perhaps to let the buyer choose and create his own finish, or it was an amateur craftsman who made this bilboquet, perhaps for family use, for please your children or grandchildren. Indeed, until the 1980s, many farms and houses in the countryside still had a wood lathe for creating everyday objects. But the finishing techniques and requirements were not as advanced then, which would explain this very crude appearance: we did not spend an hour sanding an object which would serve as a toy for children, which would perhaps be forgotten outside and which obviously had no decorative purpose. And I speak with knowledge of the facts; ) in the 80s, a friend from the village introduced us to baseball after a trip to the united states. He had brought back a bat as a souvenir from this trip. After his return, all the children in the village spent the summer playing baseball! And I asked my grandfather to swing a baseball bat for me; ). This cup and ball remains a pretty decorative and interesting object for collectors. It is in good condition, no cracks on the wood, very clean cord but it has rare traces of use and original marks, the marks of the wood turner's tools. Difficult to date it with certainty, but I would lean toward it being made in the 70s to 90s because all the other objects that I found in this house dated from that period. The cup and ball measures 20.5 cm in height, the handle 16.5 in height, the ball measures approximately 8 cm in diameter.

Ref. : GJ9PUGX7

Dimensions :
H21 x W8 x D8
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4.91 ()

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