XVIIIth style Boudoir print

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  • H44 x D32
  • paper
  • blue

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Engraving on copper, french etching of the nineteenth century. Signed and dated under the engraving on the left "i.hf. Inv. S. Freudeberg del. ", in the center "a paris chès buldet rue de gesvres" on the right "see the aine sculp. 1774. ». Under the engraving, we read the following quatrain: "your indiscretion, fatal to both of you, In your breast, chloris, will throw the allarmes: Tender love, whatever the charms, He must have a blindfold. » Analysis: "chloris worries about her lover's libertinism pays him an unexpected visit. He keeps her in the antechamber by dint of caresses: another woman, whose dress protrudes through the poorly closed door of her room or office, has barely had time to take refuge there." Frameless. Many traces of time. Do not hesitate to enlarge the descriptive photographs to see in more detail. On the back label of a moment where the engraving had to be framed: frames paintings aux bois artistique s. Montauti; 40, rue de la france, nice. Measurements: Height: 44 cm / 17, 32 in. Width: 32 cm / 12, 59 in.

Ref. : 5E6SVXT1

Dimensions :
H44 x D32
Color :
Material :
Style :
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4.92 ()

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