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You must fill a category

Is it the right category for my item?

You can look for a similar item on the website to identify the right category.

Description of the item

Title of the item


How to choose the title of my item?

Be brief, concise and easily readable: use capital only for the first letter of the title, and focus on the essential. Mention the designer when relevant, add details that make the buyers' research easier (ex: farm table) and remove subjective adjectives such as 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. You're done!

Description of the item


How should I write the description of my item?

Tell us everything about the thousand lives your item has lived and be accurate regarding its real condition (we need details). We remind you that an informed buyer is a pleased one: Buyer beware.

Condition of the item

Not sure about the condition of your item?

If you are not sure about which condition to choose, we suggest to choose 'worn'.

Designed by (optional)


What is an item "inspired by" a designer?

Manufacturers have always produced furnitures 'inspired by' famous designers of their time. A furniture 'signed by a designer' is an original item, that inspired others. By marking your item as 'designed by', you take the full responsability of this declaration and you commit yourself to prove its authenticity if needed. Please add a picture of the signature or the certificate of authenticity if you have it.


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How to sell my items in batches?

Tip: if it is a batch, or a pair, set the quantity to 1. If you want to sell separately, select the quantity you have available and use the singular for the title of your item. When sold per unit, choose a picture with one or your items rather than a batch picture.



My item is a blend of various materials, what should I do?

Ask yourself what a potential buyer would be searching for to find your item. For instance: if your coffee table has a base made of metal but a glass top, it will be easier to find if you choose 'glass' #philosophy


Is it the good colour for my item?

The more precise the better. If the colour of your item is indigo, you should choose 'blue' and mention that it is indigo in the description of your item. Use the pictures to make it clear.





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